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welcome to the real world.

31 March 1989
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Hey there! Welcome to my user info. Around these parts I'm known as elven_mysteries aka Mysty for short ^-^

On the outside, I'm sarcastic, mean, cynical, a know-it-all, diligent, happy, yellow and I wear glasses.

On the inside, I'm insecure, scared, kind, loyal, white (though slowly getting yellow as the days past) and lazy.

I have a huge love of music, some of my favourites include; John Mayer, Jason Mraz, The Killers, Coldplay and anyone who I discover along the way. I dislike Hip-hop and R&B, tho there are a couple I don't mind, and I'm not really into anything too commercial. In general, I'm quite picky about music as my RL friends will complain about, but they are no where to be seen around here, so it's ok. :D Recently, I've been voyaging into the seas of Asian music, mainly Chinese, so you'll be seeing me listen to it a lot. Another big love of mine is Harry Potter, and just books in general. The rest of my interests and hobbies are down there too. ^-^

M Y L I V E J O U R N A L.

I love icon-ing various aspects of my fandoms. So every once in a while, you'll see icon posts pop up. :) Feel free to go through my memories for icons and headers I've made. All the icon posts I've made in my journal are open to the public too. All of them are shareable, so feel free to take them as you please. Comments would be lovely and credit is appreciated. :) And also nominations are more than welcome, and make me feel loved ^^. So if you do, please tell me, just so I know. And also, if you like you may friend my journal to keep up with icon posts and not have to worry about my random friend-locked entries. :)

For those who are wondering, my current layout features Mio and Yuki-sensei of the Japanese Drama First Kiss. Coding is from refuted.

A W A R D S.

I used to quite often participate in various icontests around livejournal. Nowadays, I haven't really entered into many icontests as I used to. Though, if you're interested in the awards I've won, click here.

R E S O U R C E S.

- inexorablyhere
- teh_indy
- kurogane
- _joni
- dearest
- unmasked_icons
- _iconographer

- im_glas
- teh_indy
- disappearicons
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- miggy
- awmp
- colorfilter
- crumblingwalls
- myrasis
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- cdg
- peoplemachines
- 77words
- blimey_icons
- policromo
- ohfreckle
- masterjinn @ dearest
- loveicon
- peach-blush.org
- Hybrid-Genesis
- falling-net.net

- thephotobox
- indilime
- stock.xchng
- MuggleThai
- Veritaserum

I apoligise if you've seen me use some of your resources frequently and you're not on this list yet. Please let me know by leaving a comment and I'll add you asap. ^_^'